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About LTA Martial Arts

The decision to join LTA Martial Arts is a choice to join a distinguished, time-honored martial arts academy that is rich in tradition, lineage and reputation.

LTA provides one of the most highly respected, quality mixed martial arts programs in the UAE.


Founded with the vision of its Owner and Master Instructor, Siavash Satvatmanesh. The concepts for LTA’s training Club are based on his 30 years in mixed martial arts and fitness conditioning of all ages.

LTA is a mixed martial art and fitness training club that offers a variety of classes under one roof. Our club offers classes in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and a lot more.

LTA Martial Arts offers a full range of group classes, private training, and personal and group dynamic training.

Our training club is a home for fitness enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. We are very dedicated to ensure that you can achieve your goals, whether you want to get in shape, learn self-defense through MMA techniques or martial arts, or even becoming a fighter yourself.

LTA Martial Arts are not only a gym, we are an academy of higher learning and standards. We are teacher’s teachers.

We are professionals. Masters. We are eternal students of our arts. We give freely and with quality. Our arts and education are not accumulated commonly, easily or generally.

Within the Kid’s Classes ages from 4 years old through to early teens to build confidence and self-defence.

The classes we run are based on technique and basic fundamentals with the option to spar and compete up to a national level & world-class level.

Ault classes start in the early teens and they are mainly focused on technique and sport aspect.


We appreciate the challenge of stepping into a combat gym for the first time and we will make the experience as much fun as possible. We look forward to meeting you soon and getting you started on your journey with our LTA Martial Arts Family.  

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Improve your fitness with our wide range of structured martial arts classes in a fun and safe environment. Call us today.