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Things you need to know before entering a Muay Thai class.

Muay means “fight” and Thai means the country of “Thailand”. Muay Thai is a sport that is more than 2000 years old and is a popular sport in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

This sport, which is the national sport of Thailand, is considered one of the most important cultural symbols of this country, and March 17 has been called Muay Thai Day in it.

Muay Thai, which is known as one of the harshest and tough martial arts in the world, it’s punching techniques that are very similar to western boxing, and the striking techniques of this discipline are similar to kickboxing and sanda. These similarities are so much that many Muay Thai athletes can also participate in kickboxing, sanda, and mixed martial arts competitions.

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The benefits of learning and Muay Thai rules

Most Muay Thai fights consist of 5 3-minute rounds with 2 minutes of rest between each round. As the fight begins, both fighters will try to knock out their opponent using their fists, feet, elbows, knees, and legs to win the fight. 


If someone knocks out their opponent, the fight ends and the referee stops the fight due to the inability of the opponent to continue. 


But if no one is knocked out until the end of the game and it continues, at the end of 5 rounds, the points will be counted and one of the fighters will be announced as the winner. If the scores are even, a draw will be made to determine the winner.


If you want to participate in Muay Thai class, you should know that these movements are forbidden in this sport:

  • Performing hook kick while using the back of the foot.
  • locking the opponent’s neck (something Like Headlock)
  • hip throw
  • Grabbing the opponent in the clinch and sweeping their legs out.
  • Tripping your opponent while using your ankle.

Benefits of participating in a Muay Thai class

You can benefit from the countless benefits of this sport by participating in a Muay Thai class. Including:

    • Physical benefits:
    • Getting in shape: You can make your body fitter and burn extra fat by participating in a Muay Thai class and doing its exercises.
    • Strengthening the cardiovascular system: Muay Thai is a sport that uses both aerobic and anaerobic exercises and has a great effect on the cardiovascular system. By doing Muay Thai exercises regularly, you can avoid the risk of heart attacks to a great extent.
    • Increasing physical strength: hitting and receiving blows during Muay Thai training will strengthen your muscles and endurance.
    • Increasing the mobility of the joints: You can increase the mobility of your joints to a great extent by participating in a Muay Thai class.
    • Increase immunity and general health: Muay Thai makes you more resistant to diseases by increasing physical strength.


You can make your body fitter and burn extra fat by participating in a Muay Thai class.

    • The psychological benefits:
    • Reducing stress: The pressure that is applied to you in Muay Thai makes you able to control your mind better in stressful situations.
    • Increase of courage: in the sport of Muay Thai, self-confidence and courage will increase in a person.
    • Discipline: When you train under the supervision of a coach according to the rules he sets for you, you will become a disciplined person in the long run.
    • Strengthening intelligence and increasing brain cells: Did you know that only exercise and experiencing new things in life can make new neural pathways? In the sport of Muay Thai, the use of creative techniques and tricks to hit opponents or deceive them will increase intelligence.

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Last word about the Muay Thai class

In this article, we introduced the sport of Muay Thai, reviewed its rules, and learned about its benefits and effects. Now that you know everything important about this sport, do you want to experience it? 


You can learn Muay Thai professionally and change your life forever by enrolling in our Muay Thai class, which is held with an official license in Dubai.



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